Fertility & Perinatal Counselling

pair of baby's pink knit shoes on bench
pair of baby's pink knit shoes on bench

Deciding to build a family is a big decision and for many of us, something we dreamt of since we were young. The emotions that surround these decisions are real and can feel overwhelming at times. But for many of us, the journey to holding our newborn is a long one. Perhaps your journey requires fertility treatments such as IVF or miscarriage supports. Perhaps your pregnant and feeling anxious all the time about your little one. Perhaps you experienced birth trauma and now your birthing journey looks different than what you expected.

Whether you are struggling with infertility, pregnancy

loss, still birth. or other reproductive or perinatal

related challenges, I am committed to helping you

overcome the emotional and mental health challenges

surrounding these obstacles. I offer individuals and

couples a safe space to explore their thoughts and

feelings and find the strength to navigate through the

challenges of building a family.